“Pique Assiette” mosaic composed of broken crockery and glass
Dimensions: all mosaic paintings 28″H x 35″W or 35″W x 28″H

The collection of nine mosaic paintings created for The Franklin Hotel showcase themes and images relating to the history and well-known sections of Central Park at the turn of the 20th century. There is one painting displayed on each of the hotel floors. Central Park was completed in 1873 and designated a National historic Landmark in a 1963.

The pieces were created in the mosaic technique called Pique Assiette, which literally means “plate stealer” in French. The term now refers to mosaic work that is predominantly composed of pieces of broken crockery and glass. The mosaics are painted with the patterns found in the china Jaffe Werner collects. 

Location: Installed at The Franklin Hotel
East 87th Street between Lexington & Third Ave
New York, New York