Grow Your Health

Grow Your Health

36″ h x 34″ w x 1″

36″ h  x 25″ w  x 1″

Federica Wilson & Juanita Mann Health Clinic

Dade County Health Department

Florida Art in State Buildings Program

Bas-relief Mosaics including glass, reclaimed china, and hand-formed glazed ceramics.

Using bright colors and enduring materials, these mosaic artworks combine natural but stylized forms with playful images of people exercising. Their design reflects the Liberty City clinic’s efforts to promote healthy living and its movement to create community food gardens.


Highland Gardens


Birdland – 2009
Commissioned by Pinnacle Housing Group.

Funcional seating area providing respite to senior residents of the Highland Garden Apartments. Inspired by the burrowing owls, which originally lived on the property, bird scenes native to Florida and the Southern United States. A large colorful topiary sculpture of springtime flowers unites the benches in a burst of blending colors. 

Location:Highland Gardens, Deerfield Beach, Florida


Wall of Wonder

Wall of Wonder2004

177 sq. foot mosaic depicting the flora & fauna of Southern Florida. The piece is collaboration between me & Yvonne Moyer, art teacher at the school, using the tiles made by over 800 students under our direction. It is situated in the entrance quad of the school.

Location: Miami Country Day School, Miami Shores, Florida.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

On the Green – 2010

Mosaic and fiberglass

Dimensions: 8’ L x 4’ W x 24” H

“On the Green” is a functional, whimsical and interactive sculptural artwork consisting of 3 three colorful fiberglass golf tees set into a mosaic golf green. This an identifying public artwork meant to attract people to the tenant, Dick’s Sporting Goods and the property owner, Agree Limited Partnership, LLC. The artwork meets the project objective of creating a public artwork feature that will compliment the Sporting Goods business and is relevant to the surrounding area which has many golf communities.

Commissioned by the City of Boynton Beach Art in Public Places. Sponsored by Dick’s Sporting Goods & Agree Realty Corporation.

Budget:  $19,500

Location: Old Boynton Beach Blvd and Commerce Road in Boynton Beach


Franklin Hotel



“Pique Assiette” mosaic composed of broken crockery and glass
Dimensions: all mosaic paintings 28″H x 35″W or 35″W x 28″H

The collection of nine mosaic paintings created for The Franklin Hotel showcase themes and images relating to the history and well-known sections of Central Park at the turn of the 20th century. There is one painting displayed on each of the hotel floors. Central Park was completed in 1873 and designated a National historic Landmark in a 1963.

The pieces were created in the mosaic technique called Pique Assiette, which literally means “plate stealer” in French. The term now refers to mosaic work that is predominantly composed of pieces of broken crockery and glass. The mosaics are painted with the patterns found in the china Jaffe Werner collects. 

Location: Installed at The Franklin Hotel
East 87th Street between Lexington & Third Ave
New York, New York

Lealman Park “L”

Lealman Park “L” – 2005

Glass mosaic over concrete sculpture.

Dimensions 14.5′ H x 8.5′ W x 3′ D

The 14.5’ sculpture is a community based piece which was designed to promote town unity. The “L” theme was chosen based on the strength and precedent of the alphabet in art. The project includes mosaic images depicting activities and nature found in the park and many were contributed from the results of a local student art contest for inclusion in the project. The bold images of the “L” are visible to drivers passing on 54th Ave.

Location: Pinellas County Arts Council, Pinellas County, Florida.

Budget: $45,000

Map of the business location
3800 54th Ave N St Petersburg, FL 33714‎


Florida Highwaymen Obelisk


Florida Highwaymen Obelisk – 2009

In the late 1950’s a group of African American artists began to skillfully capture the serene landscapes of their time. The artists painted under shaded backyard trees to escape picking oranges during the Jim Crow segregation era. They traveled Florida’s highways selling their paintings from their cars. They came to be known as the “FLORIDA HIGHWAYMEN”.

The Obelisk is an entry feature to the Florida Heritage Trail honoring The Florida Highwaymen. The sculpture interprets selected sections of paintings done by the Highwaymen and their contribution to the visual arts and African American cultural Heritage. The imagery for the bottom portion of the obelisk is done in hand-carved ceramic tile in the style of woodcuts. Each of the sides of the sculpture features different Highwaymen scenes including the car from which they sold their paintings. 

Location: Fort Pierce , Florida.

Media: Hand carved ceramics & ceramic mosaic tile over concrete

Size: 19’ H x 5’W x 5’W

Commissioned: St. Lucie County, Florida

Located: in Fort Pierce at the Ave D & 15th St Roundabout

Budget: $90,000.00

Fabricated by Mosaika Art & Design